Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Two Frightend Females and The Big Bad Bee

Today, my mom and I were listening to Harry Potter in moms room. We were relaxed until we herd this angry buzzing noise. We did not know what it was, so we continued listening. I was just licking my fugeical when mom let out a sound like"Whaaaa!!!" I looked around and she was staring at the window. There was an enormous bee buzzing loudly in the window. Mom hurried to get some perfume and I, being a complete weenie around bees fled from the room and closed the door behind me. I waited in the kitchen and then mom asked were I was. I came into the room and mom said that since i had ran away she had no idea where it had gone. We tiptoed into the room and listened. We heard it in the skylight. Mom got a feather duster and i was assigned the perfume.
Then the bee went flying out of the Sky light and went into the bathroom. the bathroom has alot of dark corners. So mom and i went looking for the bee. Well ok, mom looked for the bee. I was again a wimp. Then after mom had looked everywhere she found the bee just sitting on the ground. I spry of the perfume and the bee was done.YAY

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  1. nice...there was a bee in my room yesterday, just crawling around on my bed. not fun.