Friday, May 15, 2009

Today was Taste of States day. That is when we sing 50 nifty and bring in are dish for our state. I did South Dakota. I brought in Apple Kuchen. Above is a picture of my visual display.


  1. Wow nice job! What is that thing in teh right hand corner I can't really see what it is...

    Your board is awesome and you sure did well on this project!

  2. Emma,

    I remember singing Fifty Nifty. I feel sorry for kids who don't learn it. Even now (many, many, many) years later I can still say the states in alphabetical order.

  3. very nice job on SD. This coming from a true native South Dakotan!! I like the population like it is...small...there is a bigger view that way!! Keep that a secret :)